The following are some samples of my work as a Developer and Engineer.

[Drupal 7 DevOps] Acquia Cloud Hooks

Acquia Cloud

Completed: December, 2015

Cloud Hooks is a feature of Acquia Cloud, the Drupal cloud hosting platform. For more information, see here.

The Acquia Cloud Workflow page automates the most common tasks involved in developing a Drupal site: deploying code from a version control system, and migrating code, databases, and files across your Development, Staging, and Production environments. Cloud Hooks allow you to automate other tasks as part of these migrations.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Bash, Drupal 7

[Drupal 7] Marketing Landing Page

B2B Commerce Hero

Completed: October, 2015

Quickly built and themed a specialized landing page for a marketing campaign

  • Worked closely with contracted designer to reproduce wireframe rendering
  • Themed page using gulp & bower
  • Extensive use of mini panels and views to control content layout
  • Responsive optimized
Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7

[Drupal 7 Commerce] Webform2Sugar module customizations

Webform2Sugar Modifications

Completed: May, 2015

Customizations to the Drupal contrib module Webform2Sugar, a tool for sending webform submissions to Sugar CRM as leads.

  • Added some additional admin settings unique to our client's specific SugarCRM configuration.
  • Provided a basic understanding of sending POST data to remote databases.
Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, PHP

[Drupal 7 Commerce] Custom Module

Commerce Site Customized Checkout

Completed: March, 2015

Custom hooks written for a Drupal 7 based commerce site.

  • Adds extra customizations for the checkout process, such as disabling the 'back' button on Checkout pages and adjusting the login form options.
  • Converts the Add To Cart Form quantity widget from a text field to a drop-down list.
Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, PHP

[Microstation] Highway Bridge Submittal Set for IDOT Bridge

Plan & Profile of 63rd Street over I-94

Completed: May, 2013

A significant portion of these bridge plans were designed and drafted by me as a Structural Engineer at GRAEF.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Microstation, MDX, Microsoft Excel

[Writing Sample] Abbreviated BCR


Completed: June, 2011

Abbreviated Bridge Condition Report: Documenting a bridge on the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88).

Platform(s)/Language(s): Technical Writing