Pet Projects

This is a landing page for my pet projects.

Dockerized Drupal Project


A configurable Docker and Composer-enabled Drupal development environment.

This project is roughly a fork of the project Expresso PHP, sponsored by Promet Source.

This project provides a Docker-based framework for creating & configuring a Drupal site.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Docker, Bash

Vagrant Boxes


This project is a collection of ready-to-go Vagrant boxes that I have pre-provisioned, centered around PHP-based web development. Additional custom configuration is added to these pre-provisioned Vagrant boxes using Chef-based cookbooks.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Vagrant, Bash

Custom CTA Kiosk

Custom CTA Kiosk

A hacked and customized CTA Kiosk for home use. Just like the ones on the train platforms!

Here's mine.

Platform(s)/Language(s): HTML, JavaScript