I leverage a strong background in Computer Science, Information Technologies, and Engineering to provide cost-effective, logical, and efficient solutions to everyday challenges. I am proud of the enthusiasm and professionalism I consistently bring to the workplace.

Employment Experience

  • Drupal Developer – Veritas Health – Deerfield, IL – July 2017 - Present
    • Preparing custom code and large data sets for migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
    • Maintaining five revenue-critical Drupal 7 sites as well as one Vanilla Forums site.
    • Creating a variety of D7 & D8 modules for enhanced administrative and viewer experience.
    • Leveraging Drupal API to deploy content and configuration changes in a repeatable fashion.
    • Developing complex MySQL queries for advanced content reporting.
    • Leveraging Behat PHP framework to develop an extensive automated test suite.
    • Provisioning, tuning, and managing Ubuntu-Nginx-MariaDB servers with SaltStack and SSH.
  • Owner, Developer, and Consultant – Exel Digital – Chicago, IL – Jan. 2016 - Present
    • Drupal 7, Drupal 8, CivCRM, and WordPress site builder, supporter, and maintainer.
    • Technical support provider for troubleshooting local & remote web hosting environments.
    • Data management consultant for a large union operations organization.
    • Back-end enhancement & support developer for non-profit Drupal 7 e-commerce site.
    • Lead support developer for Daniel Biss Gubernatorial campaign WordPress site.
    • Hosting optimization centered around Digital Ocean, AWS,, and Pantheon.
    • Extensive experience with e-commerce, networking, business management, and accounting.
  • Support Developer – Promet Source – Chicago, IL – May 2016 - June 2017
    • Support developer, security maintainer, and project estimator for a variety of Drupal 6-8 sites.
    • Maintained Docker and Vagrant based packages for fast and flexible local development.
    • Administered a variety of cloud-based Apache and Nginx web servers for sites of all sizes.
  • Junior Developer & Analyst – Digital Bridge Solutions – Chicago, IL – July 2014 - Dec. 2015
    • Back-end developer for Drupal e-commerce sites
    • Security maintainer and enhancements engineer for numerous Drupal and Magento sites
    • DevOps engineer for improved development team efficiency
  • Structural Engineer – GRAEF – Chicago, IL – June 2007 - April 2014
    • Developed a Tollway Plaza Database – An interactive Microsoft Access database cataloguing plaza details, enhanced with Visual Basic for easy data search, input, and manipulation.
      • Implemented such features as automated report generation with linked photo thumbnails, OLE embedded & linked files, and an easy-to-navigate menu system.
      • Created numerous queries and tables to analyze pavement condition and lane statistics.
    • Developed a Lake County Roadway Drainage Structure Assessments Database – A database cataloguing field observations and measurements for the repair/improvement of drainage structures in Lake County.
      • Constructed a database to store photos, field observations and measurements.
      • Leveraged data to generate repair and improvement recommendations for use in schedules and contract plans.
      • Prepared a photo log of each location for use by the Resident Engineer to help define the improvements.
    • Served as Information Systems emergency technician for O’Hare office.
      • Replaced computer components such as hard drives, memory, and power supplies.
      • Assisted co-workers with productivity & engineering software applications.
  • Computer Services Assistant – Caldyne, Inc. – Elmhurst, IL – June 2000 - Aug. 2006
    • Designed and maintained a web site for Community Care Options (now Pillars), a large multi-city public healthcare organization.
    • Maintained a Windows NT-based computer network essential to C.C.O. operations.
    • Trained social workers on the use and maintenance of spreadsheets & databases.
    • Consulted on computer-related issues with The Architectural Partnership in Chicago.
  • Scoreboard Operations Crew – Chicago White Sox – Chicago, IL May 1999 - Oct. 2011
    • In-House Audio/Visual Media Productions – Provided 13 seasons of loyal, productive expertise in a live, high-pressure environment as a producer, operator, and logger.
      • Training with tape decks, A/V computer media systems, and logging systems.
      • Logged live events for Major League Baseball highlight reels.
      • Queued and rolled animations for presentation on the Jumbotron Scoreboard in center field.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant for Professors Hajjar, Paulino, and Dodds – Urbana, IL Mar. 2004 - Oct. 2006
    • Researched and summarized EERI earthquake scenarios.
    • Ran Level 1 HAZUS Earthquake Loss Assessment scenarios.
    • Developed a MAEViz Earthquake Loss Assessment software validation plan.
    • Assisted in the publication of the textbook: Boundary Element Method.
    • Modified MATLAB GUI interface code.
    • Created textbook graphical figures with xFig software.
    • Designed a C++ application for building Fortran makefiles.

Technical Skills

  • Expert: Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, Behat, Vagrant, Bash, Git, Linux, MS Excel
  • Proficient: Drupal 8, CiviCRM, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Composer, Docker, Postman, Chef
  • Familiar: Magento, WordPress, Cypress, Selenium, AWS, SaltStack, Java, C++, Ruby, Python


Professional Certifications & Activities

Drupal Association Individual Member      Drupal Association Individual Member      #DrupalCares Supporter      Acquia Certified Site Builder