The following are some samples of my work as a Developer and Engineer.

[Drupal 8] Custom module featuring field formatter & twig template

Drupal 8 Logo

Completed: March, 2021

The following is a selection of code samples from a Drupal 8 custom module I created for managing CDN image ID values.

A custom field widget is used to save and manage CDN image information, and a custom field formatter works in conjunction with a simple twig template to render the images to html.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 8, PHP

[Drupal 7] PHP script to rename node type machine name

PHP Logo

Completed: August, 2020

The following PHP script leverages Drush to rename a Drupal 7 machine name and important related database table entries, in preparation for migration to Drupal 8.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, PHP

Behat Test Suite custom step definitions

Behat Drupal Icon

Completed: May, 2019

Behat - along with the Drupal Extension - provides a powerful and useful framework for automated front-end and back-end testing of a Drupal-based web site.

The following code snippets present some additional step definitions I wrote to maximize what kinds of tests Behat can perform. These features leverage the Behat Chrome Extension and Chrome Mink Driver, by Dorian More.

Platform(s)/Language(s): PHP, Behat

Headerbidding Injection custom Drupal module

Prebid.JS thumbnail

Completed: April, 2019

Developed a custom module for injecting Prebid.JS and Amazon header bidding components to improve ad-based earnings from the Google Ad marketplace.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Cross-Site Article Author Search & Report module

Report Preview thumbnail

Completed: July, 2018

A Drupal 7 custom module designed to query multiple Drupal databases for all of an author's content and organize the results into an aggregated, filterable list.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, PHP

[Drupal 7] Two-Factor Authentication, configured with Features

TFA Example

Completed: March, 2016

Enacted Two-Factor Authentication for select user roles using TFA contrib modules, a custom rule, and configured completely by code with a custom feature.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Drupal 7, PHP

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