The following are some samples of my work as a Developer and Engineer.

[Microsoft Access] Ramp Toll Plaza Database

Sample Plaza

Completed: February, 2008

The scope for this second phase of the project was to collect the ramp toll plazas condition survey data systemwide and to develop a database that encompasses the field inventory element and recorded data; the database is to be used for the development of a feasibility report, in the next phase.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Microsoft Access

[UIUC] CEE 471 (Structural Mechanics) Final Project

Sample load case on customized membrane shape

Completed: December, 2006

This study addresses the goal of using finite elements to approximate the behavior of a stretched membrane subject to lateral loads.

Platform(s)/Language(s): MATLAB

[UIUC] CS 411 (Database Systems) Final Project

Service Entry Form

Completed: May, 2006

For our project, we chose to design a more user friendly version of the WIC database. WIC is a supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children
under 5 years of age. It is funded by the US department of agriculture. This database keeps track of who is enrolled into the WIC program and whether or not they fulfill all of the requirements to enroll into the program.

Platform(s)/Language(s): MySQL, Microsoft Visual C++

[High School] You Don't Know Hamlet / Jacques Interactive Games

Game Snapshot

Completed: May, 2001

Created a Visual Basic based interactive game for Freshman French Class, which I later reused for Senior English. Straight-up knockoff attempt of the popular You Don't Know Jack game series, by Jellyfish.

The Senior year game, You Don't Know Hamlet, was kind of a version 2 rebuild, adding in randomizing and creating an easier platform for adding/editing game content.

Platform(s)/Language(s): Visual Basic