[Drupal 7 DevOps] Acquia Cloud Hooks

Cloud Hooks is a feature of Acquia Cloud, the Drupal cloud hosting platform. For more information, see here.

The Acquia Cloud Workflow page automates the most common tasks involved in developing a Drupal site: deploying code from a version control system, and migrating code, databases, and files across your Development, Staging, and Production environments. Cloud Hooks allow you to automate other tasks as part of these migrations.

A Cloud Hook is simply a script in your code repository that Acquia Cloud executes on your behalf when a triggering action occurs. Examples of tasks that you can automate with Cloud Hooks include:

* Perform Drupal database updates each time new code is deployed.
* "Scrub" your Production database when it is copied to Dev or Staging by removing customer emails or disabling production-only modules.
* Run your test suite or a site performance test each time new code is deployed.

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